Earn an income after retirement

50 Ways To Top Up Your Pension And Earn Money After Retirement – Tips 11 to 20

So, after our popular article on the first top ten tips, I promised you more top tips to and great ways for you to top up your pension. So without further ado, here are ten more great ideas of ways to earn a great income as you reach retirement.

Here are top tips 11 to 20:

11. Become a petsitter

Are you an animal lover? Then this is the dream job for you. Check out and look/register for work at the Trusted House Sitters website. Alternatively, visit Pet Sitters International who offer a similar registration service.

12. Use the internet to sell your skills

Perhaps it’s time for you to enter the gig economy and sell your services online? Fiverr is a great platform where service providers like designers, video makers, writers and just about anyone with a digital product to sell does so for anything from $5 upwards.

13. Rent out your tech and other stuff

So did you know that there is a highly popular website out there that allows you to rent out your unused gadgets? That could be an old mobile phone, a laptop, iPad, power drill, a food mixer or even a car. So instead of having them sitting around, have them earning you money on the Zilok website. Alternatively, earn cash by connecting people who have the tech with people who need it. Easy money!

14. Be a local guide

If you’ve lived in your local community for at least a year or two, you will no doubt have unique and valuable knowledge of your area – knowledge that visitors are willing to pay good money for. At Vayable you can use that experience for the benefit of others.

15. Rent out your spare parking

Do you have a spare parking space outside your home? Perhaps you have a double garage with a spare space? Your driveway could be the route to a passive income. Parking Panda allows you to list, free of charge, your spare parking spaces. Then a small commission is paid when the transaction is made by the buyer. Park On My Drive and Just Park are great alternatives.

16. Provide consulting services

If you possess expertise in a particular business sector then your experience is probably in demand. Many public service organizations are looking for knowledge and leadership expertise, and will pay handsomely for it. With contracts of up to six months, the website Encore Fellowships matches your skills with an organization requiring your knowledge.

17. Rent out your vehicles

If you have a car, van, truck or even a tractor that’s sitting idle, then you could be missing out on another great way to earn a passive income. RelayRides enables you to offer peer-to-peer car sharing – at hourly or daily rates.

Another nice idea offered by Getaround allows you to rent your car while on your holidays abroad – so you actually make money instead of spending it on expensive airport car parking.

18. Test products and complete online surveys

Do you enjoy completing surveys? Then why not get paid to do it. Cash Crate is a great community-based surveys site that will pay you for your feedback. Not only that, you can also get paid for testing new free products, getting cashback on purchases, as well as referring others to do the same.

19. Complete tasks and run errands

Here’s something a little different. TaskRabbit is a website that helps those people looking for outsourced support for various tasks, to find skilled people to either do them or run errands to get them completed. As a TaskRabbit you bid on the tasks that are best suited to your skillset.

20. Become a yoga teacher

You’re never too old to become to get into yoga, or even become a yoga instructor. Many older generation find yoga highly beneficial and really enjoyable. Fancy giving it a go? Start your yoga journey here.

That’s 20 top tips for generating an income after retirement. We’ll be posting tips 21 to 30 in the next few days, so stay tuned! As always, if you have any other ideas or have any questions, please do add them to the comments below and I’ll get back to you.

MISSED TIPS 1 TO 10? No problem… simply CLICK HERE to access them.


  1. Hey Sean. That’s great info. One thing I love about the internet is that there’s always something for everybody, young and old. The tips you’ve provided will not only benefit the pensioner, but can also be applied by the college student as well. I really like Tip no# 13, “Rent out your tech & other stuff”, quite brilliant!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your article and informing us about so many different ways to earn money.
    I already knew about a few possibilities but the House Sitting part really got me thinking since I really do love to travel.
    I also have saved your site. 🙂

  3. Hi Sean! Your website is helpful, not only to retired persons but to all those who want to make money online. The tips you give are realistic and it is possible to make money from all of them.

    I like the Pet Sitter idea. If you really love pets then sitting them will be a pleasure and won’t look like you are working.
    Thanks for the post.

    1. Hey Luna,
      Many thanks for your kind words. I’m so pleased that you found the post of use. I wish you all the very best with the Pet Sitting. I know many people who make a great living from this option.
      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Jerry,
      Thanks for the feedback. You are right. There are some survey providers out there that will just spam you after giving away your email address. But in this instance I was careful to choose Cash Crate as I’ve used them before and it was pretty good. Yes, the pay is limited but it was fun and certainly helped me bring in a reasonable income.
      Thanks again.

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