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50 Ways To Top Up Your Pension And Earn Money After Retirement – Tips 21 to 30

So we’re really cooking now! Hopefully, by now you’ve seen our top tips 1 to 10 and 11 to 20. OK… so let’s move onto my next top ten tips for supporting your retirement fund. Here we go then with tips 21 to 30. Enjoy!

Become a dog boarder21. Help as a holiday dog boarder

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll know how precious they are and how leaving them to go on vacation can be torturous. So there is a huge demand from dog owners for good dog sitters. Rover and Dog Buddy are great websites that connect dog owners with dog lovers who will take care of their lovable pooch while they’re away on their travels. So if you love dogs, or any other pet, you can earn good money whilst also enjoying the companionship of someone else’s furry friend.

22. Provide an on-demand lift sharing service

Car sharing websites are nothing new. There are hundreds out there. One such site is Lyft. Lyft helps people who need a means of travel to find car owners who regularly drive the route they require. Armed with a car and smartphone you can earn cash by providing an on-demand ride service to your local community – a kind of community-based Uber service! So as each request comes onto your phone, you just simply choose to take it or leave it.

23. Work overseas as an expat

OK… a little more adventurous this one. But if you love an adventure then this could be for you. From tutoring in Europe to support work in Africa. There are thousands of roles out there. If this appeals, then check out to find jobs and everything else you’ll need to know for your new life abroad.

24. Become an entrepreneur

Have you ever had an idea that you’ve never had the time or money to get off the ground? Then we have a solution for you. Simply post your project on Kickstarter and have funders across the globe help you realize it. Then, when you have enough contributions, you’ll have the equity to finally make your dream a reality.

25. Fancy becoming a film extra?

Whilst being a film extra isn’t the best paid job in the world, and the hours can be very long with many of them just sitting around doing nothing, you’ll have great fun doing it and it’ll give you something to boast about to your mates. What’s more, movies are shot around the world so you’ll the chance to travel to unusual film sets. Extra People and Casting Collective are just two agencies that offer casting opportunities for films and TV programmes. Other good resources include CraigsList and The Stage magazine.

26. Become a freelance teacher

With years of experience come a wealth of powerful knowledge, so why not use it to your advantage and teach younger folk (or adults) who could benefit from attending after-school lessons. It really can be about any subject… from managing money to art, from yoga to programming. The options really are unlimited. They gain life skills, while you earn money from grateful parents! Take a look at Learning to Give and Get Into Teaching for more information.

27. Try out mushroom growing

Now you weren’t expecting that were you? Believe it or not, mushroom growing is big business. In fact, many people have this as a means of an additional income, or even as a full time career. And it’s highly lucrative business. What’s more, they are relatively easy to harvest.

There are plenty of helpful videos on YouTube. Alternatively check out this article on GroCycle, all about setting up your own mushroom farm.

28. Find a job on site purely dedicated to seniors

It goes without saying that retirees are a valuable asset to any company. No more is this evident than on websites like Senior Job Bank and No Desire To Retire – where there are employers who are solely looking for staff of a more mature generation.

29. Become a senior center teacher

If you have a background or a skillset based in the arts then you may want to consider becoming a teacher and offer paid-for classes at a local senior center. Whilst the income per student is modest – typically around $50 per student – the sense of gratification is great, and you also earn some money too. Courses usually run once or twice a week for a set number of weeks. So help other seniors realize their artistic potential – be that through, for example, acting, painting or writing.

30. Bring your experience to a corporate board

If you’ve enjoyed a long and successful career, you’ll no doubt have a wealth of experience that can be highly beneficial to company’s board of directors. Many retirees choose to join a board having served as a CEO or senior manager earlier in their career. As such, they bring wisdom and great knowledge that can bring a proper perspective to a decision-making board. Check out this helpful article on for more information about joining a corporate board.

So there you have it. Ten more top tips for earning an income into retirement. And there’s 20 more to come so watch this blog for tips 31 to 40, and 41 to the final big 50!

Thanks again for reading this post. If you have any questions or feedback on this or any other post, please do leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I see it.


  1. I reviewed the various suggestions and found them to be most enlightening and informative, and certainly food for thought when you get to the point of having some time available to enable you to do things, which possibly were out of reach before for whatever reason. Thank you, I enjoyed reading your website.

    1. Thanks Alan. You are very kind. I’m so pleased that you found this and the rest of the site of interest. Hopefully some takeaways for you there? 🙂

  2. Great tips here. I’ll have to check out your other articles to see the full list.

    Is Lyft the same as Uber? This sounds like a great idea, particularly as you are going that route anyway. I think though that this site all depends on how popular it is. With many people joined then there will be more chances of getting some income this way. Is it worldwide?

    I like the mushroom tip, but how lucrative is it? Is it just pocket money or can you get a decent amount from it?

    Thanks again,

    1. Thanks Owain.
      I understand from others that do it, that mushroom growing is a highly lucrative way to generate an income. So I’d certainly recommend it. And yes, Lyft is very similar to Uber, but for ordinary people, who are not taxi drivers, who are looking for extra income.

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Many thanks again,

  3. Hi Sean,

    Great tips indeed, and these are also great to those wanting to make extra income during their free time! The information provided here is very interesting and very helpful. Thanks a lot for including all the great sources that give useful information and how we can start! Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the tips!

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