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50 Ways To Top Up Your Pension And Earn Money After Retirement – Tips 31 to 40

After a short break, I’m now delighted to share with you our next ten great ways to top up your pension fund.

So Onward and upwards. We now move onto tips 31 to 40… 10 more fantastic ways to generate an extra income earn money after retirement.

31. Help expats with settle into new areas

Around the world, communities of expats from a number of different countries are packing up and setting up a new life abroad. And with relocation, comes unfamiliarity, so if you happen to live in a popular expat destination, then you can provide an invaluable service to help them settle in to their new life. One person who has taken this opportunity to a whole new level is Panamanian retiree Jackie Lange with her own relocation business Panama Relocation Tours. Check out the site to see how it can be done.

32. Become an English teacher to foreign students

As the worlds most spoken language, the desire to learn English as a second language is very much in demand – especially with Chinese students. Now, thanks to the website Kukuspeak, you can help these students face-to-face from the comfort of your own home, and via the Kukuspeak website. No teaching or language qualifications are required, just a good command of the English language. With chances to offer your services at various levels, this is a fantastic way to engage with people from another culture, and all through you home computer.

33. Become a teen mentor

Another one for those who enjoy traveling. Thanks to a website called Bold Earth you can now help lead summer trips for teenagers in many exotic places around the world. Check out their website and see how you can make a difference and help the younger generation gain confidence through new life experiences and adventures.

34. Raise Alpacas for profit

Now here’s a more recent trend for those who enjoy the country life. Alpacas have become increasingly more popular with many people looking for a fun pet, that’s easy to raise and can earn good money at the same time. Here’s a helpful article from the Alpacas Owners’ Association that will help you get started.

Essentially, the best way to earn an income from Alpacas is to link up with other alpaca farmers in your area, who will then help you make the most of the luxurious and highly sought after fur product Alpacas produce. All Alpacas need a haircut from time-to-time, and their fur is much in demand for use in luxury clothing. Consequently, it also earns good money.

35. Get into online translations

If you have the ability to speak more than one language, then providing translations could be for you. Gengo is a website that enables you to connect with people who require language translation services. What’s great about this site is that it allows you to pick and choose what you do and when. Simply pick from a selection of jobs and then get paid for translating them into the required language.

36. Be a Virtual Administrative Assistant

The internet has advanced substantially over the last 10 years, which has enabled anyone, anywhere in the world to communicate and produce work for anyone else anywhere in the world. If you’ve been in administration or secretarial work, you’re pretty much good to go with a new online administrative assistant job. Earn an income and work from your home office – on the jobs you accept, at a time that’s convenient to you.

Find the jobs best suited to you at WAHM.com and People Per Hour.

37. Start a catering business

For many, cooking and baking is a necessity rather than a pleasure! However, for those who get a kick out of producing gastronomic wonderments, you could use this skill to earn you an income. Let’s face it, we all love to eat, so if you’ve a talent for cooking, you’re going to be in demand. Here’s a great article on WikiHow about how to start your new catering empire.

Fire up the oven… it’s time to get baking!

38. Gardening and garden consultancy

If you’re green fingered and love getting in dirty, then perhaps you’re destined for a new career in gardening or as a gardening consultant. Whether you want to work in other peoples’ gardens or simply just want to give them advice, many folks are happy to pay good money for these services and/or expertise. And if you really want to grow your empire (no pun intended!) then specialize in a particular niche – such as organic gardening or rose plants.

Check out this article at Startup Biz Hub to see how to get started.

39. Get paid for just being a better person

Sound odd doesn’t it. Almost too good to be true! But there really is place where you can earn for just being an all-round good person. Daily Feats is a website where you can gain points by simply achieving preset goals that, when reached, help yourself or anyone else. Then, as you reach your goals you are rewarded with coupons and gift cards. OK, so it’s not exactly an income, but it is a great way to becoming an all round better person.

40. Resell items on Craigslist

Got an entrepreneurial head for bargains? Then why not use your nose for a good deal to find products on Craigslist that you can then resell again for a tidy profit. Try to focus on products you’re familiar with, progressing to higher ticket items in your niche as you progress.

For guide on where to start, take a look at this article on Priconomics.

So far we’ve given you 40 great ideas to earn an income after retirement. Our final 10 will be published shortly, so watch out for these. If you’d like a reminder of the previous 30, you can do so here:

In the meantime, if you have any questions or even any other ideas, then we’d love to hear about them. Please leave your comments or questions in the comments area below and we’ll get right back to you.


  1. Hi,

    Alpacas – who knew! What a brilliant idea and I promise, when I do retire out foreign, I will be looking into that way of earning money for sure. However – after buying them, feeding them etc not to mention vet fee’s, is it still a good way to make money in retirement years?

    I have read, secretly, a number of your other top 50 ways to top up your pension, and they are really ingenious 🙂 .

    Translations and reselling interest me the most so thank you very much for three helpful tips I will keep in mind in years to come.



    1. Thanks Philip. You are very kind. I’m so pleased that you found a few tips of interest. I’d also highly advocate affiliate marketing too – you probably saw my top tip no. 1! Out of all of them, it’s the one that gives me the best return – not that I do all 50 of course, though I am seriously considering the Alpaca route too.
      Thanks again.

  2. I think the expat one is really great, i’m an expat myself, and i wish i had orientation and some sort of family i could turn to each time i didn’t know how to do things, for example, buying meat, here in Chile the meat cuts have different names from the place i used to live in. So that’s actually a great one, rent a room for an expat and be his mentor to settle in.

    1. Many thanks for your comment. Expat support is fast becoming a very popular service.., something that it sounds like you would of benefited from. Then rent a room to them, and yes you could have multiple income streams.
      Thanks again,

  3. Hi thanks so much for these useful tips. One thing is that lots of people do not actually consider life after retirement. It could be boring and tiring especially if you did not plan ahead. I had a colleague of mine who recently retired but really feeling lonely. If only she knew about these tips, life would have been better off. Thanks

    1. Hi Peter.
      Thank you for your kind words. It is for those reasons I created this website. Feel free to share these tips with your friend.
      Thanks again,

  4. Hi admin. Very informative article and it’s great you provided a link with every tip.

    I’m sure your tips will be a valuable source of help for anyone looking to top up their income, or just wants the freedom to tour the world with a business in their pocket.

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