50 Jobs in Retirement

50 Ways To Top Up Your Pension And Earn Money After Retirement – Tips 41 to 50

So we’ve finally reached our final ten top ways to earn an income in retirement. And we’re going out with a bang! So let’s crack on with our final top tips – here are our final ten great tips to top up your pension: numbers 41 to 50:

41. Become a Personal Shopper

As a personal shopper, you can specialize in the type of shopping that you want to do. You can also market your skills as an image consultant, if you have an eye for color and style. Personal shoppers have the ability to command the big bucks, something that their high end clients are all too willing to pay.

You could also become a personal shopper for those people who can’t do their own shopping. The rewards here are more for the feeling of goodwill than for the income.

42. Become an Event Planner

Everybody loves a party. If you’re the extrovert who always goes the extra mile for the dinner party, birthday celebration, or sporting get-together, then share the love through party planning.

Find a niche that you’re particularly good at and that you love. Then let people know you’re available. You can keep it casual for some extra money on the side, or scale it up to a business if you change your mind.

43. Self-Publish Your Own Book

Have you had an idea for a book burning in the back of your mind for years? Maybe now is the time to let it out! Don’t know where to get started? Read this handy quick guide to writing a book.

44. Try Life Coaching

You’ve accumulated a lifetime of experience and wisdom. Why not share it with others? People are seeking coaches to help them in their work, with their relationships, and for their personal development. Decide where you shine, and start coaching in that area.

There is no rule saying you have to be certified to be a life coach. However, if that’s something you want, there are abundant opportunities on the Internet.

45. Join a Virtual Call Center

Great phone skills and a passion for people combine to bring in a little extra cash through LiveOps. Once you become an agent with the LiveOps virtual call center, you are an independent contractor. Consequently, you can work it as a side-hustle a few hours a week or scale it up into your own dynamic business.

46. Consider Substitute Teaching

In many schools, you don’t need a license to be a substitute teacher. This could be a rewarding way to make extra cash. Typically, ‘subs’ are needed for one to several days and usually on a last minute basis. You accept the jobs you feel are a good fit for you.

47. Help People with Resume Writing

It’s surprising how many professionals, young and old, can’t put together a modern resume. You can offer this valuable service and command good money for it.

Since every resume should be tailored to the specific job being applied for, and each will require a new cover letter, you have built in repeat business!

48. Make Money as a Freelance Writer

If you have a flair for writing, there are several websites where you can offer your writing skills for a fee. Check out Upwork, iWriter or Guru to get started.

You create a profile, specify the type of writing you offer, and start winning jobs. The sites are competitive, but if you follow their suggestions, you’ll soon set yourself apart.

49. Become a Genealogist

Were you the family member who researched and pieced together the family history for everyone else?

Put your research skills to work for other families by offering family history services. It can be a great way to earn extra money, and can also be fascinating work. Find out what it takes to get started. Happy searching!

50. Try Home Staging

If you have a knack for making a house a home, then home staging could be a great income avenue for you. Home staging is the process of cleaning, updating, and decorating a house to make it market ready. Learn to make money with home staging, and then grab the paint brushes!

So there you have. Over the past 5 posts we have offered 50 completely different ways to top up your pension and earn an income in retirement. I hope you found something that works for you and that, going forwards, you find an autumn years career that is both enjoyable and lucrative.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments area below and I’ll get right back to you.

Lastly, I’d like to thank you for reading my posts, and wish you all the very best in whatever you choose. Don’t forget, I’m always here to help you on your way.

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