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Finding the best online keyword research tool

Underpinning every affiliate marketing niche website is the wealth of keyword research that precedes every page on it. As such, keyword research tools are an affiliate marketers best friend! But finding the best online keyword research tool can be a challenge. So many deliver endless masses of data, but provide little in the way of good, meaningful information.

What are keywords and keyphrases?

Both keywords and keyphrases that you will use to gain traffic from Google and other search engines. These are phrases that are commonly used by people around the world in search engines to find information about a particular topic – for example, “What is the best juicing machine” or “Where are the best hotels in Seattle?”.

When affiliate marketers build websites, they focus their content around common and popular keywords or phrases to generate traffic to their websites. Not only this, they also find phrases that offer high traffic opportunities and also have very low competition for that phrase or keyword – thereby ensuring a relatively easy and fast high page ranking when searched for. It also demonstrates to the website builder, what topics are popular and what are not.

How we find those ‘golden’ keywords and phrases is through the use of keyword research tools such as Jaaxy.

Finding those ‘golden’ keywords

While there are various different keyword research tools out there, many either fall short in providing any kind of reliable information or, on the flip side, provides the user with reams of seemingly meaningless data, making it hard to extract anything of any value. The cost varies somewhat too, from free to several hundred dollars a month.

The tool I use is Jaaxy. Why? Well, it firstly allowed me to come in at a free entry level. This allowed me to find the keywords I needed to get my first websites rolling and generating traffic. Then, as time went on, I was able to upgrade my service level to Jaaxy Lite at no extra cost at all. This was because I’d already become a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member, which automatically gave an upgrade in my Jaaxy account. This, in turn, enabled me to get more keyword searches a month, and access to even more research tools to help dig deeper and analyze, and eke out those best performing keywords and phrases.

Things to look out for on lower grade keyword research tools

Finding a good keyword research tool can be made much simpler by looking out for some common issues.

  1. Any tool that needs to be installed locally on your PC or Mac
  2. Anything providing PPC traffic estimations
  3. Any keyword tool that utilizes Alexa as the primary way of determining competition
  4. Any tool that needs you to search several times for different information, instead of in a single search
  5. Any tool that doesn’t analyze and deliver information for EVERY search engine

Many of the lower grade tools fall into one or most of these categories, and as such deliver almost meaningless data that won’t help you one iota. Furthermore, then don’t provide anything that you can use to improve or optimize your website.

Jaaxy – powerful information to turbo-charge your affiliate marketing

For all the failings of many affiliate marketing keyword systems, one online keyword research tool stands out above the rest. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool designed by affiliate marketers, for affiliate marketers. It simplifies the researching of keyphrases and both short/long tail keywords for niche marketing and affiliate websites. Furthermore, a cloud-based system, it’s completely accessible to all marketers – whatever their available budget.

Jaaxy is a keyword and research platform – the only in the industry, that has been created by Affiliate Marketers for Affiliate Marketers. That said, any business wanting to improve their search engine optimization or plan killer pay per click (PPC) campaigns would also benefit from using Jaaxy.

Jaaxy features include:

  • As a keyword and SEO research tool, Jaaxy provides in-depth information for keywords and phrases, such as traffic potential, competition levels, it’s attractiveness to affiliates, related domains’ availability and their PPC power.
  • Data on the Google ‘Alphabet soup’ keyphrases, helping you to find yet more related keywords and phrases.
  • Mined information to help you find attractive and untapped market niches
  • Help with finding a good keyword related domain name, to further improve your website’s search engine optimization.
  • The Site Rank tool that allows you to understand where your website and website pages rank for certain keywords and phrases.
  • A cool ‘Brainstorm’ feature that allows you to gather ideas on keywords and niches.
  • Affiliate program search feature to help find those lucrative affiliate programs for your niche.
  • Offers a good affiliate program for referring new clients to Jaaxy
  • Free Lite upgrade for all Wealthy Affiliate Premium members – you can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate HERE.
  • Also available to non Wealthy Affiliate members as an online standalone product.

A package to suit all budgets

With four levels to the product, this powerful resource is available from the free Starter account, through to the Enterprise option, making it a god-send for every affiliate marketer and blogger.

My final thoughts on Jaaxy

Without a doubt, Jaaxy is the go-to tool for EVERY affiliate marketer – regardless of their budget. What’s more, it’s a fantastic SEO and PPC tool as well, making it highly attractive to businesses of all sizes.

Keyword tools are a bit of a minefield – trust me, I’ve purchased enough of them in my time! But Jaaxy seems to cut through to the information I need, without any flimflam or masses of data to wade through. What’s more, as an affiliate marketer myself, the information provided is just what I need – keyword information that helps me identify the best traffic generating keywords, and the most lucrative niches and sub-niches. Better still, unlike just about every other tool, it’s not just solely developed for PPC and SEO experts.

Yes, there are a number of good free tools available on the web, but none provide me with the level of detailed information that I get from Jaaxy. Furthermore, each free tool tends to focus on one area of functionality – for example, PPC power or page ranking, meaning that you need to use several free tools to get the complete picture. With Jaaxy it’s all there under one roof!

The paid for research tools, like SEMRush, Moz and Sumo are very pricey. Some don’t even offer a free starter package or free trial. SEMRush, for example, is just short of $100 per month – not ideal for new starters on the scene. Jaaxy offers far better value and better options for businesses of all levels.

Give it a try now!

Want to see the power of Jaaxy now? Then try it below:

As always, I am grateful for you taking the time to read this Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool review. I do hope you have found the information of use. Please feel free to leave any questions in the Comments below and I’ll come back to you as soon as I can.

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