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How to make money fast on the internet

Most of us want to be autonomous when it comes to standing on our own two feet and making our own money. But being able to achieve this and make money fast can be difficult. Furthermore, it’s rarely a particularly expedient thing! Affiliate marketing programs, for example, often promise quick returns, but rarely deliver on them. You first need to get to grips with the whole affiliate marketing program set up. Then you typically need to negotiate endless amounts of learning, course upon course, lesson upon lesson, simply to get your prized asset – your new affiliate marketing website – actually live with engaging and consumable content.

As an affiliate marketer, building your website will always the first task you’ll be faced with. In fact, no, the very first thing you undertake is the research behind your new website! This can potentially be hours of keyword and niche-based research to understand where the buyer traffic is and where the competition isn’t!

But fear ye not. There is a fantastic answer to this dilemma.

Start earning from day 1

What about if I told you that you can actually ‘earn while you learn’. Yes, it’s true. You can start bringing in your affiliate earnings as you build your new website. How? With the Wealthy Affiliate University program. This leading affiliate marketing program is a revolutionary new approach to internet marketing, allowing you to sign up for free, and have a website live within just 5 short lessons – that’s around 2 days of training. From there, you then have a platform to start promoting, reviewing and referring affiliate products, and earning referral commissions for your trouble.

Two FREE websites, FREE Hosting, and FREE training

The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that it is completely free to start. What’s more, you needn’t ever go to their Premium membership if you really don’t want to. You can do this at any time – or not as the case may be. Upgrade if and when you feel the time is right for you. This could be after you have started to generate your first earnings to pay for the monthly Premium membership cost of $49 – which is even cheaper if you choose to pay annually. But the truth is, you also needn’t ever upgrade to Premium either, though the benefits of doing so are excellent.

Yes, you get a website live and running in your first free course of 10 lessons – 5 to get your new site live. You also get access to a limited number of marketing tools, and you get 2 free websites, with domains and quality hosting. All this completely free. And for good measure, you also get access to some of the Wealthy Affiliate classrooms too. I say again – all this is absolutely free of charge. Not bad eh?

Why do most users go Premium?

You’ll soon learn, as you remain a member at Wealthy Affiliate, that the benefits of upgrading to Premium membership far outweigh that of staying on basic membership – by a long shot!

Firstly, you get access to 4 more courses of the Certification affiliate marketing training, with unlimited access to all the classrooms and both live and recorded webinar materials. You also get full access to Wealthy Affiliate’s powerful keyword research tool, hosting for up to fifty websites, 25 free sub-domains and access to a whole community of like-minded affiliate marketing members – many with several years of affiliate marketing experience.

Get paid for creating tutorials

One of the best ways of earning an income at Wealthy Affiliate, is to create learning material for your fellow members.

When you’ve been a Premium member for three months, you get to post training tutorials on Wealthy Affiliate yourself.

Why is this so great? Well, on top the earnings you’ll make from your affiliate websites, you’ll also get very lucrative commissions for new Wealthy Affiliate member referrals, any domain sales you refer, and any new training posts that you create within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Training tutorials provide a fantastic means of passive income. As your tutorials gather momentum and become more popular – gaining more hits, likes, comments and more general engagement – they get more highly ranked within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. As each of your tutorials increases its ranking level, so your commission payments for each one increases.

Commissions start at $5 per tutorial at level 1 ranking. This increases to $10 when each tutorial ranks at level 2 having got more engagement – as deemed by the Wealthy Affiliate algorithm. This commission continues to increase with each ranking level.

With tutorials – your commissions perpetuate

So in no time at all, your tutorials can be earning you $5 at level one, $10 at level 2, $15 at level 3, $20 at level 4, etc., etc. There is also no ranking ceiling, so you can continue to earn more and more as each tutorial increases in popularity.

Multiply this by, say, 10 tutorials, then it’s easy to see how easy it can be very easy to generate a healthy monthly income from tutorials alone. For example, ten posts that are all at level 3 will generate you a further income of $150. And this increases to $200 when all ten reach ranking level 4… and so it continues. And this is only for 10 tutorials.

Create one lesson per day, for, say, just one month, then that’s 30 tutorials, making you $450 at just level 3. And so the numbers spiral upwards from there. All you need to do is simply share what you have already learned with others in the Wealthy Affiliate community. Maybe even share something new that isn’t being taught already, but you have learned from elsewhere – be that another blog, another course, podcast or online training. Whatever it is, you’re sure to be able to add value and earn while you continue to learn.

So that’s why I’d always recommend Wealthy Affiliate if you want to make money fast and right from the get-go. No other affiliate training program anywhere offers this, or even comes close.

So if you’re looking to change your life, work from home, generate a retirement income, and make money as you gather momentum with your new business, then you need to be getting your free membership with Wealthy Affiliate today. Doing so is easy – simply click here, complete the simple registration form and submit it. You’ll then be asked to set up your profile, by adding your picture and a brief description of yourself. You’ll then be asked to share your goals and ambitions for the program. When this is done, you’re ready to get rolling on the Certification Course 1 and get your new career well and truly underway.


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