How to make money online

How to make money on the internet – the definitive guide

There are a billion and one advertisements on the internet, all telling us how we can make our millions on the internet. But then you dig a bit deeper and what you find is that what you’re really doing is lining the pockets of someone else, helping them to secure their first million instead! There’s so much ‘noise’ out there on the web and social media that it’s now so easy to simply label them all as a scam – which, to be fair, most are. So to help, I’ve written this definitive guide about how to make money on the internet, taking out all of the fluff and the scams, and showcasing the programs that work.

Programs to avoid

Before we dig into the programs that do work, let’s first look at the ones to avoid.

A word on Bitcoins

Firstly, Bitcoins. Now, I’m not here to say that the new cryptocurrency is a scam, as I don’t think it is. What I would say is that in these early days of Bitcoins, very little is known about how this will evolve medium to long term. This makes it a very high risk investment. Who knows, the rewards in time may be big, but they could also be loss making too. The truth is, nobody knows. But what we do know, is that with this new virtual currency comes many phishing, cold calling and fake email and website scams that claim to make the reader very rich in a short period of time. This is almost certainly untrue. So my advice is to stay well clear – at least until a lot more is known about how it will all unfold.

The PayPal account scam

Another scam that I’ve seen a lot of recently is one that claims that you can make a steady income with only a PayPal account. This one is to be avoided at all costs! In a nutshell, this is where money is deposited into your PayPal account, and then the scammer requests that you wire an over payment back to them. In essence, this is money laundering as the payment made to your account is typically from a stolen credit card. So when the legitimate card holder reports the crime, PayPal withdraws it from your account and the money you have wired back becomes your liability. More can be read about this on the PayPal website.

Affiliate marketing scams

On the whole, most affiliate marketing programs are genuine – in some cases, but not all, they can be expensive, but most are genuine. This website reviews all affiliate marketing opportunities – simply click under ‘Reviews’. I offer a full review of each program and then score each out of 10. At the time of writing, I would deem the Wealthy Affiliate program as the best one out there >> you can read my review here. But there are also some expensive and poorly delivered programs too, so be sure to read all of my reviews. These are being added to all of the time, so feel free to pop back from time to time. Essentially, the ones to avoid include:

  • Banners Broker
  • Success With Anthony
  • Neucopia
  • Empower Network
  • Coffee Shop Millionaire
  • Killer Content System

How to make money on the internet

So we’ve looked at some of the schemes to avoid. Now the good bit – how to make money online.

As the old adage goes, there is no shortcut to success. If something looks too good to be true, then it probably is!

But for those willing to put in some time, effort and commitment, there is a solution that already suits the lifestyle of many people around the world – me included! Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing!

What is affiliate marketing?

Probably the only legitimate way to earn money on the internet is through affiliate marketing. I have written an article all about affiliate marketing – you can read it here. Essentially, an affiliate marketer is someone who builds a website to attract a niche audience traffic to promote to them a third party’s products. This is often through website posts such as product reviews that highlight the pros and cons of the vendor’s goods, or website banner ads. The visitor is then referred to the vendor’s own website where any sale results in a commission being paid to the affiliate. This can typically be anywhere between 3% to 50% of the final sale value – and sometimes higher where the long term value of the new customer is of higher value to the vendor.

This is the affiliate marketing process is summarized here:

So where do you start?

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, but like the idea of learning and earning from day 1, then there are some really good affiliate marketing training programs out there.

I owe my own success to a program called Wealthy Affiliate. Like many, I came into affiliate marketing fairly wet behind the ears. All that I knew is that I wanted to build my own online business that allowed me to be autonomous, and work from home at the times that suited me… and earn a handsome income while doing it!

I scoured through literally hundreds of online reviews. I even tried a few of the affiliate programs out there, but most were, on closer inspection, either a scam or just ridiculously expensive.

However, one program stood out for all of the right reasons.

The Wealthy Affiliate University program

Firstly, the Wealthy Affiliate program was free to join and start learning – which was handy, as I was flat broke! What’s more, I didn’t have to pay for my websites, the website address names (the domain) or the website hosting. It was all free.

And aside from the many courses and classrooms with hundreds of lessons, there is also a huge network of fellow affiliates with their own niche websites, all ready on hand to help me through the forums and online chat facility.

So off I set with my first niche – a travel guide to my home county Norfolk. Check it out here. It was this site that was built from learning on the first Certification Course at Wealthy Affiliate. At this point I could continue with the free membership for as long as I’d wanted to, but I was hungry for more success. The fantastic tools and extra tools and resources available really to rocket my websites into the affiliate marketing stratosphere. And the great thing is, Premium membership was the cheapest on the market – $49/month (first month $19) or $359/year. But if you don’t want to upgrade, you don’t ever have to – the choice is completely yours.

I’m not the only one enjoying great success. Here’s a commission statement of one of my fellow Wealthy Affiliate colleagues with free membership:

Yes… this is her statement for just new Wealthy Affiliate member commissions – she has a website that just promotes membership there. Here are the commissions for membership referrals:

She, like us all at Wealthy Affiliate, also earns other commissions for niche products from other sites she has set up on the Wealthy Affiliate program network. And she does all of this at no cost! Impressive, eh?.

Other ways to earn

On the Wealthy Affiliate program, it’s not just affiliate program websites that can earn you an income. Premium members also have the opportunity to boost their income by posting new tutorials on the Wealthy Affiliate network, that as they gain more Likes, Comments, and page hits, earn you an ongoing passive income.

Tutorials can take the form of written tutorials, videos or written courses. At the time of writing, I have 9 written tutorials that are all at ‘level 2’, earning me 90 credits, which is $45. This increases as more people engage with them. For example, as they reach level 3, each earns a further 20 credits, which is then $10 per article – that will be another $90 when they all hit level 3 engagement. And the great thing is, that this exponential increase has no ceiling, so it’s a fantastic passive income that will only increase with time.

Ready to Join Wealthy Affiliate?

So the Wealthy Affiliate marketing business model really is one that anyone can start. Free learning, free websites, free tools, a huge community of other affiliates around the world, other income opportunities, commission incentives, and so much more. And I say again, it’s absolutely free – no credit card required!

As the program is completely free, I realized that I had absolutely nothing to lose by joining – and either do you. So what are you waiting for? YOU CAN SIGN UP HERE. Alternatively, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review HERE.

I look forward to seeing you a one of my fellow members. I’ll be there with you all of the way helping you through when you need it.


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