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When I first started out a year or so ago on my road to becoming an affiliate marketer, I knew what I wanted, but wasn’t quite sure how to get there. Yes, I wanted independence and the luxury of working from home but where on earth do I start? My affiliate marketing background was very limited – in fact, pretty much none existent! So I also needed a good affiliate marketing training program to teach me everything I’ll need to know in this big unknown world! The rewards looked fantastic, yet because of this there are also many online scams promising the earth, that upon review clearly deliver very little. What I needed was a legitimate work from home program that was cheap – better still, free – that would enable to get on the affiliate marketing ladder. Sounding familiar?

Legitimately work from home

For me, I was forced into a situation through pending redundancy. However, there can be many reasons for wanting to work from home. The key is to find a legitimate job or program that fits in with your needs. Perhaps you:

  • hate your current job?
  • envy the success of others?
  • want to reap the benefits of your own hard work?
  • want to work from home?
  • want to spend more time with your family?
  • want to enjoy more free time for hobbies and other leisure activities?
  • are fed up with commuting or dislike sitting in traffic?
  • have had enough of being stressed out?
  • are not a morning person and hate being a slave to the alarm clock?
  • want to have the freedom to both work and/or travel to new places?

These are just some examples of why people like you and me seek an independent work life. So as you can see, the demand is huge. And with huge demand, comes a huge marketplace of so-called opportunities to satisfy that need. The issue here is that many are just outright scams designed to take hard-earned cash from your pocket, but in facts actually deliver nothing in terms of return on investment. Trust me, I’ve either done them or read enough reviews to know that there are bad news! So how did I eventually find the program that allowed me to legitimately work from home?

I found Wealthy Affiliate – The Affiliate Marketing University

Like I say, I tried several affiliate marketing programs before eventually arriving at Wealthy Affiliate – where I’m still a member today. You can find my reviews of some of the other affiliate marketing programs here on this website, including:

So what makes Wealthy Affiliate so different? Well, clicking on the review above will go over this in more depth, but essentially, for me, it boiled down to seven key things:

  1. It has several excellent reviews on the internet.
  2. It is free to start – so I could ‘try before I buy’, and Premium membership is optional meaning that I could, if I wanted to, stayed a free member for life.
  3. It has one of the largest, most helpful and friendliest affiliate membership community out there – which says something about the WA (Wealthy Affiliate) reputation.
  4. It is largely, video based learning – I’m a watcher, and less so a reader learner! 🙂
  5. It has one of the best, if not the best member referral affiliate programs out there, meaning I can earn and learn!
  6. It also has a passive income generation option – I can create tutorials on the platform and get paid for them as they get more engagement.
  7. It has market-leading affiliate marketing tools – many of which do not require Premium membership.

The Wealthy Affiliate University – a complete affiliate marketing learning academy

Wealthy Affiliate is, in its own words, the Affiliate Marketing University. Everything you need to know is there under one online roof. It provides its members with 5 Certification level courses – all of 10 lessons – covering everything from researching your niche, and finding those ‘golden’ keywords and phrases that generate high traffic, to launching and promoting your website online through advertising, videos, and search engine and social marketing… to name just a few.

I built my first ever website – – a site purely dedicated to the promotion of local visitor attractions in my home county of Norfolk in the UK. Here I promote local attractions and facilities with affiliate links to many related service providers – such as holiday cottage and attraction ticket providers, or attraction membership programs. I also promote local books on Amazon, that may be of interest to visitors when they visit.

I would have never been able to achieve this without the resources available at Wealthy Affiliate. And it now earns me a great passive income.

This site was just the start for me. I now have many more on the go too.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training

As well as being a central hub for affiliate marketing training for your own niche market websites, it also offers its own Affiliate Bootcamp where members get to learn about everything they need to get the most from Wealthy Affiliate’s own affiliate marketing program. With 7 courses (phases) that all, again, have 10 lessons, you’ll learn about and build a niche website that is purely dedicated to earning an income through the Wealthy Affiliate, affiliate marketing program.

Now, to be perfectly honest, I was initially skeptical about this particular program, thinking that it was only there to self-promote Wealthy Affiliate themselves – after all, it’s in their interest to gain more new members. However, having completed the initial Certification course detailed above, Bootcamp was the next natural progression.

As I write, I am just starting the fifth course (Phase 5) of seven, and the site you see here today – Best Retirement Plan – is the result of this work. As I mentioned, I was facing redundancy and one of my concerns was with how, at 51, I’d be able to:

  1. Create an immediate income to live off after redundancy.
  2. Give me and my family the means for a longer term retirement fund in later years.

Hence, the website you see here today. And thanks to Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp program, I’ve now got my first website to helping me achieve this.

And there are thousands of other niches out there that could benefit from the Wealthy Affiliate program, that I will also be looking to tap into once I’ve finished the Bootcamp program – so watch this space! But my point is, you have the opportunity available to you too.

The best affiliate tools

I said in my list above that one of the things that attracted me to Wealthy Affiliate was the availability of market-leading affiliate marketing tools. So, before I close, I’d like to touch on these too. This is probably best summarized by this table below…

So as you can see, a whole host of facilities and tools – many of which are available on the free starter membership. You can now probably see why I ended up at Wealthy Affiliate. I am a Premium member now, simply because I wanted to access the additional learning and the additional tools for keyword research and website hosting – for me it was a no brainer, but please be reassured that this was personal choice and is not a prerequisite to success here at WA.

So what’s your next move?

I hope this article about my experiences has helped you to ascertain what is good and what’s not so good in terms of affiliate marketing programs. Maybe some of them resonate with your own situation?

If you’re now eager to get started at Wealthy Affiliate, then feel free to click on the blue ‘Create Your Account Today’ button above. Alternatively, if you want to find out more about how Wealthy Affiliate compares in the market, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review HERE.

Good luck in your pursuits, and who know, if you do decide to join me at Wealthy Affiliate, our paths will certainly cross again. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below and I’ll get right back to you.


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