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Looking for fun jobs after retirement? Time to get online!

After working hard for our whole lives, most of us don’t want to just stop and twiddle our thumbs. Most of us want to stay active and enjoy a happy and long retirement. Many prefer to stay in employment but in a less stressful environment and look for fun jobs after retirement. Some even choose to run their own small fun business from home, one that allows them to spend us much or as little time as they wish bringing in an income – often to supplement a retirement fund.

As recent as 15 years ago, such jobs and opportunities just weren’t there. The internet was then still in its infancy and so the opportunities to stay connected were not as accessible as they are today.

But with innovation brings opportunity. The internet allows us to stay in touch in real-time, generate content or reports in a click of a button and find information in just seconds.

Earn money and have fun doing it

The internet is awash with schemes and initiatives all designed to help you earn money from the internet. The trouble is, many of them simply end up making you part with your money rather than earning it. So the ideal is to find a proven way to generate an income online, that is enjoyable, brings new learning opportunities and, most importantly, free of any cost or up sell. What’s more if it can also be easy to follow, non-technical and jargon free, then so much the better.

We’ll I think I’ve found just the thing. Furthermore, there are over 10,000 people across the world, including a huge number of retirees or prospective retirees, already doing it, having fun and earning an income from the internet. And guess what, I’m already signed up myself and earning an income from it. I love my new job so much, I simply had to share it with you – hence this very website! I come and go as I please, tap out the odd article – like this one – now and again, and generate an income – even when I’m tucked up in bed!

Take your time, learn new things and generate an income

OK… so here’s my story. I lost my job at 51. Finding something new I thought would be easy enough – I was well qualified, I had oodles of experience and loved to work. As a creative thinker, I love writing. In fact, my career had an element of copywriting and design, though this wasn’t what led me to where I am today. But hundreds of applications were sent, my CV went everywhere I could get it in to, and whilst I had interviews, a repeating theme was coming back – my age! I was only 51, yet those around me in the marketing arena were 10 to 20, and in some cases 30 years younger. I was even turned away from roles that were three levels junior to where I was when I was made redundant.

I needed a new plan, and quick. I didn’t want to go into any role, though I was prepared to if it came to it. Ideally, I wanted a career that would not only satisfy my penchant for creativity, but also allowed me to think ahead towards a pensionable age.

After many hours researching I came across an article, similar to this, that questioned whether I’d thought about becoming an affiliate marketer, working for myself, working the hours that I choose, and generally creating internet content that actually gets read. Perfect! But I’m not a developer, I need to earn an income from the get-go, and I have no money! What’s more, what on earth is an ‘affiliate marketer‘?

I needn’t have panicked and been so flippant! The answer was a university and community of people called Wealthy Affiliate. Let me explain…

So what is Wealthy Affiliate and what’s involved?

Apologies if I’ve already filled your head with a mass of meaningless terms. I shall now explain each point, in turn. If I miss any question you have, please put them in the comments section at the bottom and I will get back to you straight away.

What is an affiliate marketer?

An affiliate marketer is someone who uses a website or websites to promote, but not sell, other people’s products. In promoting an item on your site, you then direct the potential buyer to the vendor’s website where they can then buy the product. As the referrer, you get a commission from any sale made through the referral. Let me give you an example.

I have a website that reviews Amazon products. I then use a special link that, when clicked, takes the visitor to the product page on Amazon. This ‘special’ link allows Amazon to know that this buyer came from my site and nowhere else. If the visitor then chooses to buy that product (or any other on Amazon within 24 hours) I get a commission paid into my account – typically between 6% and 8%.

Now, Amazon is probably not the best example of a well-paying affiliate program, in fact it’s probably one of the worst. There are literally millions of affiliate programs out there for just about every vendor, supplier, shop or online supplier. Most pay between 10% and 30% of the final sale. Some even pay as much as 50%, and in some cases where the value to the vendor of a long-term relationship with the buyer is of more value than the original sale – such as a subscription -, commissions can be as much as 100%. Here’s an example of an affiliate account dashboard showing a hotel booking purchase made through booking.com and the commissions earned by the referring affiliate – in this case 25%.

Furthermore, unlike Amazon, the time period is not limited to 24 hours – it is typically 30 days or longer. I won’t cover how they know how a visitor to their site, was referred by your site up to 30 days earlier. Suffice to say it’s all to do with cookies – and not the edible type! You’ll learn more on the course, but for now just trust me on that.

Affiliate marketers essentially build websites to promote other people’s products, hold no stock as a result, and get paid commission for anything they refer up to, typically, 30 days after, or sometimes longer.

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I’m not technical and I’m not a website developer

Frustrated Older Man

No, neither am I. As long as you have a PC that’s connected to the internet, then you have everything you need. You don’t even need to be a writer. As long as you can type, you’ll learn how to write text that generates engagement and referrals.

Everything is covered. The site build is automated, and yet you still can make it unique to you without the need for any code expertise. Look… if my mother, who is obviously a lot older than me, can do it, you can too. And she was an office administrator in her day – and long before computers and the internet!

So lose your technical ability fears. Everything is explained in great detail and nothing is made over-complicated.

I’m broke and need to find ways to make money fast

Yes… that was me! I couldn’t afford to buy into anything and more importantly I needed to make money online fast. Again, Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for this scenario. Not only is membership free, with no time limits, it also allows you to earn while you learn. And yes, all free of charge. The website is free, the web address is free, and the training you need to get your website up and running is also free too. What’s more you have a community of over 10,000 members ready to support you if you have any questions about anything.

So can have your own website and earn money from the internet for absolutely no cost whatsoever. No hidden charges, no up-sell or cross sell. Just a huge community of people that have helped make each other successful by utilizing shared skills and knowledge – a sharing community of like-minded people making the most of the internet.

So where’s the catch I hear you ask? Seriously, there isn’t one. Yes, you have the option to upgrade your membership ($49/month or $359 a year) to get access to more training and website tools, but to get your site live and your affiliate income rolling in, you don’t need to do this. The Premium membership training will help optimize your site to generate even more income, but to get going this is not required. You can choose to upgrade at any time – for me, it was when I could see that my income from my site was paying for my membership. And even then, the first month is discounted to $19.

So you have nothing to lose by taking that first step to becoming an affiliate marketer and generating a retirement fund online.

Take that first step to a happy retirement

Rather than me simply send you to the Wealthy Affiliate sign up page, why not read my Wealthy Affiliate review first and judge for yourself. You’ll find everything you need to know there, but you’ll also get a link to the sign up page.


As always, if you have any questions about anything I have or haven’t covered here, please do get in touch by leaving a comment below. I will then get back to you right away.

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