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Stay active into older age – fun careers after retirement

As we approach retirement age, it’s not always easy to go from one day being in full time work, to the next sitting at home twiddling your thumbs wondering what to do! The dynamic is often too great – full throttle one minute, then next at a complete standstill. Most of us want to slow down gently, or in many cases, stay equally active for as long as we can. This change in circumstances has many of us looking for favorable alternatives and looking for fun careers after retirement.

Not everyone wants to pick up a set of golf clubs or take up knitting as soon as they collect their gold watch from their now ex-employer. No, staying active and earning an income is what many retirees are looking for these days. But where are those non-monotonous ‘fun jobs’ that keep us busy and our minds active.

Well look now further. Here’s an idea that many retirees are now turning to. What’s more, they get a sense of real purpose whilst earning a great living from it and, even better, substantially supplementing their pensions. How? Read on to find out.

First decision – inside or outside job?

Often, when someone moves into retirement, one of the key factors to determine what they do next is whether they would like to spend more time inside or out. On the face of it, this may seem a strange consideration, but research has shown that many people who, for example, have worked inside an office for most of the lives, would prefer to spend more time outdoors when they retire. Equally, those who have been previously employed outside, quite often seek a more sheltered environment upon retirement, though this is sometimes placated by migration to warmer climates!

Either way, the workplace environment that you have been used to in the past, isn’t always what you want going forward into retirement age. For example, many long-term office workers become part-time gardeners in their autumn years, whereas many farmers prefer a stay-at-home career having been on-the-go for most of their lives.

Needless to say that this is a decision that will shape your next steps into your next fun job after retirement.

Employed or self-employed?

The next consideration to make is whether you’d like the freedom to make your own choices and run your own business, or whether you’d prefer the pattern and predictability of an employed role. Both have their pros and cons.

On the plus side, an employed job means that you have no risks to worry about and you know exactly where you stand in regard to your salary, job, holiday entitlements, workplace location, employment hours, etc, etc. However, there is often little or no flexibility with employment hours, and there can be limited opportunities for those over sixty.

On the flip side, someone who is self-employed can pick and choose their working hours, but usually has the weight of running of the whole business on their shoulders.

However, in this brave new world of the internet, many elders are now choosing an option that is proving to be a really fun career after their retirement. One that is flexible in its commitment requirements, and has virtually little or no risk associated with it. The career in question is that of a self-employed affiliate marketer.

What is an affiliate marketer I hear you say!

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Got a computer? Got an internet connection?

So if you’ve read this far, I am guessing that you’re probably interested in the idea of becoming an affiliate marketer. If you’re still wondering what one is, then may I suggest you click the link directly above this paragraph.

In a nutshell, it’s someone who builds a website to promote a third-party’s products. The website visitor then clicks on a special link on your site’s promotional page that then takes him or her to the vendor’s own website. From there, if the visitor proceeds to purchase any product on the vendor’s site within a given time frame, then the affiliate will receive a commission. Here’s a diagram that shows this process in more detail:

And the great thing about affiliate marketing is that you choose your hours of work. There are several affiliate marketing website set-up and learning programs out there – check out the reviews in the navigation above. Alternatively, you can check out my review of the Wealthy Affiliate program that I feel offers the best value, the best training on the market and is top of my affiliate marketing program review ratings. Better still, the Wealthy Affiliate program is FREE to get started. Yes… that also includes all the resources and training you’ll to get your new website live!

You’ll also love the fact that it fits around you, and not the other way around. There’s no capital commitment or stock holding, just you, your PC and the internet. If you have these, then you’re perfectly qualified to become an affiliate marketer.

What’s more, it’s really great fun and highly rewarding.

Tapping into a global marketplace

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll be harnessing and leveraging the power of the internet, and as we all know, there are billions of people online around the world, many of whom are looking to buy what you’re promoting. All you have to do is choose your niche or market sector, for example male grooming products, sportswear gear, pet products or maybe even something like well-being products and services, to name just a few. But there are literally millions of niches out there – you’re probably already thinking of one that you’re already familiar with.

When you’ve decided, the Wealthy Affiliate program will help you find and choose the best and most searched for topics within your ‘niche’. From there, you’ll even get guidance on choosing the right products to promote within your niche and the best affiliate programs to earn top commissions.

The next steps to a great retirement

Still looking for that fun career as you approach your retirement? Then, as you can see, I’d certainly recommend becoming an affiliate marketer.


The link to the free membership sign-up page are also provided there, and you can get started on your training and your new website within minutes. You’ll even launch your new site in the VERY FIRST COURSE!

So what have you to lose? There’s no capital outlay, no time constraints and you can work as much or as little on your business and website, as you see fit.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about anything on this page or website, please do leave me a note in the comments below and I’ll get right back to you.

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