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The quick guide to making money from the internet

So you want to be making money from the internet? No problem… we have a program that will work for you as it has done for thousands of other people across the world. Their circumstances are all different – some want to retire early, others need an income in to older age. Others simply want to earn money from home in a way that allows them to be with their family or travel abroad. People’s needs are all different, yet the solution to it is easy and needn’t cost you a penny… or a dime.

So let’s cut the chase… here’s how it’s done.

Here’s how to make money from the internet

OK… Here’s the big reveal. If you want to earn you living from the internet then the easiest and most rewarding method is what’s known as ‘affiliate marketing’. If you’re already scratching your head, fear not. All will be explained.

Affiliate marketing, put simply, is the method of promoting other companys’ products on your own website and then taking a commission on any sale made. Already I’m sensing the nerves! Don’t worry, you are only referring the potential buyer to the seller’s website… you are not selling anything on your own website! The process is easy… you get visitors to your website who find you through searching on the internet. They then visit your site and read your product recommendations, reviews, advice, etc. Having read your content, you then refer them to the seller’s website where a sale can be made.

“But hang on” I hear you say. “If the sale is made on the seller’s website, how do I earn a commission?”. A good question with a very simple answer. Every referral you make to the seller website is tracked using special links to their site that are unique to you. The seller can even know if a potential buyer has returned several days later, thereby ensuring you still get your commission.

So it’s a process of pushing your website’s traffic to other sites and getting them excited enough to make that purchase when you do so. The more purchases they make, the more you earn. And commissions can typically be anything from 6% to 50% of a sale – no joke, it really can be as much as that. In fact, it some cases the commission can be a full 100% of the sale price. How? Well in these circumstances, the ongoing value of that customer, say for a subscription for example, is of more value to the seller than the initial sale, so the commission is greater. Take a look at this affiliate program dashboard to demonstrate what I mean: is just one affiliate program. There are literally millions of different affiliate programs offered by companies in just about every sector, industry and niche out there, all ready for you to sign up. And our training will show you how to do it and where to find them.

Sounds easy? It is. Now we’ll consider the nuts and bolts of how we build our free websites and get our affiliate links to earn that money. Here’s another screenshot showing how affiliate product referrals convert into generated income over time.

What does it involve?

So we’ve talked about the need for a website or websites, and the need for affiliate programs and links to put on them. But how do you start going about learning to build and create your website? How do you know what products or services to sell? Whose products and services can I sell? How do I get traffic to my website? These are all questions we all asked when we first started on our affiliate marketing career. The answer to all of these and many other questions is all in one place… introducing the Wealthy Affiliate university and website creation program.

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At Wealthy Affiliate you’ll learn everything you need to know about affiliate and internet marketing. There are step-by-step courses and lessons with videos to guide you from choosing your ‘niche’ and website name, to building the site itself and adding the most engaging content. And the best thing is that you can earn while you learn. So as you go through the lessons, you’ll be building and adding content to your website, which will be getting traffic and generating you income.

And the cost to get started? Absolutely nothing… $0. You can build your site, get a web address (a domain name) and add your content for no cost whatsoever, and still generate an income. Then, if and when you’re ready you can choose to upgrade your free membership to a premium membership ($49/month or $359/year) to get access to the full suite of membership facilities, more powerful affiliate marketing tools and more in-depth training. Equally, you can stay as a free member for as long as you like and continue to earn an income from online marketing that way. The choice is yours.

I know nothing about marketing or the internet!

And neither did I nor many thousands of my colleagues/members. You don’t need to know anything about internet marketing, as long as you know how to turn on a PC, connect to the internet and open a browser, you’re qualified! The rest you will learn as you go through the online training courses.

At Wealthy Affiliate we have members from 17 to 90 years of age. Some are affiliate marketing experts, others are completely new to the internet. But all are successfully making money from the internet and living a laptop lifestyle. Many successfully make a career from the Wealthy Affiliate marketing program, others use it as a means of extra income. Others also use it as a means to top up their pensions or realize early retirement.

How much time do I need to apply to make it work?

This is where the Wealthy Affiliate program comes into its own. You can spend as much or as little time as you want to learning and building your new affiliate websites. Clearly, the more time you can dedicate to learning and building your empire, the higher the rewards. But equally, you can apply yourself to it as and when you want to – there are absolutely no time constraints!

Your free website will be live in course one, so the potential to earn money is almost immediate. And the more content you add, the more potential to earn more money. It’s as simple as that. One page or hundreds of pages, you have the tools to monetize your site from day one. How successful those pages convert traffic into revenue is down to you. What I can guarantee is that you’ll have all the tools to make your website a huge success.

Your next steps to life working from home

So you’re ready to make the first step into a new way of life and becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Your next step should be to check out my Wealthy Affiliate review. There you’ll find more in-depth details on the whole Wealthy Affiliate program, including what we see as the pros and the cons. And if you’re then ready to become a free member and kick start your affiliate marketing career, you can sign up from there.



As always, if you have any questions about anything you’ve read here or elsewhere on this website, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll come right back to you.

In the meantime, here’s to your success as an affiliate marketer.

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