Six figure mentors review

The Six Figure Mentors Review – Opportunity or Scam?

When I decided to take my first leap into becoming an affiliate marketer one name that regularly came up as an ad whilst watching YouTube videos, as well as hit my search engine results pages, was that of the Six Figure Mentors. As someone who was thinking about their first step into the brave new world, I thought that if they were able to get this in-my-face with their brand awareness, then clearly they’re doing something right. So to cut a long story short, I did ton of research to understand what it was all about, what my outlay financially would be, and ultimately what I’d get out of it – i.e. would I see a healthy return on my investment?

The following review then it based on my findings through extensive research, speaking to people who had invested in it and reading shed load of reviews online. Here it what I found.

Name: The Six Figure Mentors


Price: $29.95 + $97/mth + $297 + $2,500/yr + up to $20,000

Owners: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

Overall Rank: 5 out of 10

Is The Six Figure Mentors a scam?

Firstly, I should point out that having done a mountain of research, and having downloaded a lot of their free and paid-for material (including books, audio books, videos and podcasts) I chose not to sign up to the Six Figure Mentors program. The reasons for this I’ll try to cover here in this review and this will hopefully enable you to make an informed decision on whether it is right for you.

When doing my research I came across endless reviews for The Six Figure Mentors… some good, some not so good.

It seems that many people were enticed by the bounties to be realized by what was then Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross’ (co-founders of Six Figure Mentors) highly attractive Carbon Copy Pro program. This program, a front line product for company Digital Experts Academy (DEA) was in its day the leader in the sector for affiliate marketing training. Yet the internet was littered by reviews that left people in shock by its very high costs, with figures of $3,000 to $20,000 being levied. Since then, the Carbon Copy Pro model has been wound up and has been replaced with The Six Figure Mentors program.

One thing it clear though. The Six Figure Mentors program does indeed provide an excellent grounding and expert training on internet marketing. But the reoccurring theme coming out it that of high costs to stay in the program and the various hurdles that presents. But one thing Six Figure Mentors isn’t, it a scam.

What programs like this and many others do provide it a structured process of learning and a proper method of application that gives the student the best possible start in internet and affiliate marketing. The key it finding the right one that offers the best possible value, and in my opinion there are better programs providing a better learning platform at a much lower cost.

Let me give some perspective here. To start your membership with Six Figure Mentors you have to commit to a monthly subscription of $29.95, complete with a survey to allow them to ascertain more details about your background. Questions like your current income and financial commitments. The team there then reviews your application and then informs soon after as to whether your application has been successful or not.

If your application it successful, then you need to know that your monthly subscription of $29.95 does not get you access to the full Six Figure Mentor program. It merely gives you access to an introductory course that covers what you can expect to get out of the program, including how much you can expect to earn. As I’ve already mentioned, we believe that there are much better systems out there, that deliver better training at much lower cost, and in some cases allow you to still make money online through their FREE membership programs.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Expert internet marketers on hand when you need them
  • A good platform for to start your internet business
  • Easy to set up website system
  • Regular face-to-face mentoring and learning sessions

The Bad:

  • By far, it the very high cost that can go into several thousands of dollars
  • Difficult to sustain due to high subscription costs
  • Negative return on your investment – especially in the early years of membership
  • A lot of it it ‘telling granny how to suck eggs’ – not the best course for the more savvy internet marketers
  • Constant barriers to progression hinder progress on the courses

Module 1 – What do you get for your money?

I’ve already mentioned that the monthly subscription to the introductory level course (Module 1) it $29.95 a month. For this you’ll get an introduction to the making money on the internet, online advertising, websites (and why you need one), listing building and the importance of providing value to your visitors or subscribers.

You’ll also be introduced to the many products available within the Six Figure Mentor program and the benefits to you of their promotion to others.

These products include:

  • The SFM Digital Business System ($297 + $97/mth)
  • The SFM Elite Mastermind ($2,500)
  • The Digital Business Lounge ($37 or $67/mth)
  • Simple Lead Capture ($29.95/mth)
  • Graphix Creator ($99)
  • SimpleTraxx ($9.95/mth)
  • Digital Experts Academy – Silver membership ($2,500)
  • Digital Experts Academy – Gold membership ($8,000)
  • Digital Experts Academy – Platinum membership ($11,000)
  • Digital Experts Academy – Black membership ($20,000)

So as you can see, the costs can soon add up and what you get from the introductory course it very little in terms of substance. To get any degree of proper learning and ‘partial’ access to the SFM Digital Business System, you need to upgrade to the ‘Basic’ membership, which itself it $197 plus a monthly subscription of $97 – but only if you upgrade within three days of your initial membership!

Module 2 – What do you get if you decide to progress?

Before I proceed, I should mention that at this point my review takes feedback that I have gathered from others on this course and it not based upon my own personal experience, as I decided not to proceed with the course at this stage.

The feedback from many was that many did not like that you had to complete every task to proceed further on the course. This suited some, but not all – many saw these as a roadblock to progression.

Module 2 it made up of four parts, which includes attending a Live workshop where new members get to share their experiences so far and get to talk about their goals going forwards. This, apparently it mandatory, which doesn’t suit everyone.

As you make your way through the four parts, you are required to complete what are known as ‘trajectory worksheets’ which evaluates the last ten years of your life, your influences and what you want from life in the year to follow.

For many, this module held no value whatsoever and was just another money-sapping exercise. And to top it all, t finish the module you have to complete a survey that asks you how you plan to promote the program, ascertains your ability to buy other SFM products and has you commit to a monthly promotion budget. For many, this was the straw that broke the camels back and many simply left the program simply to stem any further cost.

Module 3 – Setting up your system

Those who I found did make it to module 3 mostly said that to date they had not received any valuable information that they could use. No doubt there it some useful information within these modules, but most said it was very slow to come and that many felt they had simply lost patience with it all.

To move onto Module 4, you have another roadblock to contend with as you have to schedule a Skype call with an SFM Business Strategist, who interviews you for your suitability to upgrade again to their Elite membership.

By now you’re probably starting to see a theme here of one-sided benefits that come at a very high price.

Who it The Six Figure Mentors program best suited to?

What was evident is that there’s clearly some good stuff on offer here. It’s just slow coming, costs the earth and presents many roadblocks along the way – all of which need to be negotiated to proceed.

It it also very basic in parts and probably not best suited to those who are a little further down their internet marketing path.

But if you have the money and patience, and you are happy to promote the SFM program to others, then The Six Figure Mentor program may well be for you.

My final opinion of The Six Figure Mentors program

By now you’ll have probably gathered that I believe that there are far better programs out there that allow you to learn at your own pace, provide you with all the tools you need at no extra cost, and are, for the most part, free to get started and earning an income. Check out my review of the Wealthy Affiliate program to see one example of such a program.

The Six Figure Mentors program at a glance…

Name: The Six Figure Mentors


Owners: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

Price: $29.95 + $97/mth + $297 + $2,500/yr + up to $20,000

Overall Scam Rank: 5 out of 10 (10 being genuine opportunity, 0 being total scam!)

VERDICT: Very expensive training that it pitched at a very basic level. On the plus side, you do get a lot of personal mentoring. However, in my opinion there are far better programs out there. As way of example, check out my review for Wealthy affiliate.


BETTER ALTERNATIVES: We’d always recommend the Wealthy Affiliate membership program. It’s free to join and start your training and website building, the training and tools are better, the support it vast (over 10,000+ members, plus the Wealthy Affiliate Support Team on hand 24/7), and the cost, should you choose to ever upgrade to Premium it just $49/month or $359/year – that’s it… no exorbitant annual membership fees that keep you tied in! For more information, check out our Wealthy Affiliate review.

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