Wealthy Affiliate - The Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Are There Really Ways To Make Money Fast?

When it comes to affiliate marketing training programs, there are hundreds… probably even thousands. So given the intensity and competitiveness of this marketplace, are there really ways to make money fast?

One name that always features highly when researching these affiliate marketing programs is Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t just take my word for it, Google them yourself to see what I mean. Maybe that’s how you came across this review? Either way, as I read through the various pages and countless reviews, one thing stood out. Most of them place Wealthy Affiliate in good stead. But why?


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Wealthy Affiliate RatingsOur ratings

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Training: 10/10

Support: 9/10

Website Builder: 9/10

Hosting: 8/10

Research Tools: 9/10

Success Stories: 8/10

Price: Starter membership is free. Premium membership is $19 for your first month, then $49/month, or $359/year.

Value: 10/10

Our Overall Rating: 9/10


Wealthy Affiliate explained

Wealthy Affiliate DashboardSo what is Wealthy Affiliate I hear you say. Well, it’s a comprehensive training program and toolset to enable you to start your own affiliate marketing website. Now that can take whatever scale you want it to – from being a way to earn a bit of extra cash to a fully blown business in it’s own right. In fact, there are thousands of people already making a full time living from being in the Wealthy Affiliate program. Several others use it as a way to top up their income, with minimal effort. There are existing businesses using the Wealthy Affiliate program to help them diversify into affiliate marketing. While some others simply choose it as a future nest egg and robust retirement plan.

There are many people using Wealthy Affiliate in many different ways. Two things are common with all of them though. All are making money and are having loads of fun doing it!

Training caters for all ages – from internet beginners to the more digital savvy. A comprehensive program of easy-to-follow certification and bootcamp courses and phases made up of bite-size lessons, many with video.

Your skillset isn’t what’s important to start – you’ll gain that as you go through the program. What is important though is that you have a topic (or a niche as it’s known in the industry) for something. Anything… be that cats, dogs, cars, sports, house building, beauty products, films, books, or even something as diverse as “ditch swimming” (yes it does exist – Google it)! In fact, the more diverse the better – as you’ll learn on the courses. The key component is a passion for a topic and the will to succeed. If you have that, then the rest is easy and provided for by the program.

What makes Wealthy Affiliate different?

Getting Started - Course 1Like I said there are bucket loads of programs out there. All, without exception, at some point costs money. The key, however, is finding the one that delivers the best value. Now that isn’t always the most expensive, and as a case in point Wealthy Affiliate scores very well here, providing a vast community of affiliate marketers with an array of premium marketing tools for less than $50 a month. In fact, you can sign up and get access to limited resources for free for as long as you want…. no pressure whatsoever to sign up to their premium service. Furthermore, if you want a taster of Premium membership, with full access to all of the certification and bootcamp training, and every online tool you’ll need to make it a success… not to mention unlimited support from the community and the technical support team.

The Pros and Cons

As with all things, there are pros and cons, and Wealthy Affiliate is no different. So let’s cut to the chase… here is a summary of what we feel the best a bad points are:

The Pros

  • The training: Is really second-to-none for affiliate training. I’ve tried many, and I mean many others, and whilst there are similarities with each, none are as low cost value for money or as well-structured as Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Hosting: For a resource that’s fully inclusive in your Premium membership, this high-end website hosting. What’s more, it’s fully configured for you and if you need support, they’re back with you within minutes. I’d compare it to something that costs the equivalent of the full Premium membership fee alone.
  • Kyle and CarsonThe owners are immersed in the community. Owners, Kyle and Carson are always on hand whenever you need them. They’re constantly active in the chat facility, as well as in the community forums too. They clearly love what they do and are passionate about wanting you to succeed.
  • The Wealthy Affiliate community: The community is the life-blood of Wealthy Affiliate. All members play an active part, each in the same boat and keen to help each other along their path. If you have a question or problem, there is always someone around to help. Everyone has the same highs and lows and are there on-hand to help you right when you need it. What’s more, it’s a great opportunity to network and make new friends.
  • Live Video Classes: These are invaluable and are worth the membership fee alone. It’s pure ‘learning’ and never with a hard sell.
  • Value for money: With the wealth of tools and resources available to Premium members, Wealthy Affiliate blows everything else out there into a cocked hat! Fantastic keyword research tools, content creation tools, 50 website hosting platform, website builders, training, classrooms, video classes and more. At $49 a month, it’s a steal.

The Cons

  • The WA Keyword Tool: There are 2 keyword tools at Wealthy Affiliate. The non subscription tool available free to all Premium members is not so much a con, but a bit clunky at times. It certainly delivers what you need but sometimes it takes a few clicks to get there. I know this is something that the WA team are actively working on to improve. However, those happy to spend a few bucks more can also subscribe to the slick Jaaxy tool service, which is probably the best keyword tool in the business – and I include Google’s keyword tool in that!To see what I mean, why not try it for yourself:

    Once you’re in you’ll see powerful results akin to the below. To see your full results you will need to have signed up to at least the free account option.

    Keyword Tool - Jaaxy

  • Themes and Plugins: The themes and plugins that are available to you are all WordPress based – and all already readily available for free at the WordPress website. But that said, if you so choose to bypass the Wealthy Affiliate platform and go direct to WordPress, you’d need to find your own hosting and support, which will of course have a cost associated with it. So you may as well do it all through Wealthy Affiliate and gain all of the extras, detailed above, too.

So in conclusion. We say give it a try – then decide!

I am a true believer in the ‘try before you buy’ philosophy. There are thousands of websites out there all eager to convince you that they offer the best affiliate marketing solution. The truth is, you’ll only know if it is for you by trying it first.

And therein lies the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate. You can sign up for free, with no commitment either way. If you find it’s not for you, then you’ve made no monetary commitment whatsoever – $0. And even if you do opt for your discounted first month of $19, the monthly Premium membership option allows you to stop at any time – no ties or commitments.

So what have you got to lose?


The membership Plans

Time to claim your bonus!

BonusIf you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate with your FREE Starter Account, I can give you an exclusive 61% discount to their PREMIUM membership, if you sign up in your first 7 Days. As soon as you create your FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will contact you the details on how you can claim this discount, and I’ll also give you an additional surprise welcome present to get you started too. I will also be there every step of the way answering any questions you may have along the way and helping you with my 20 years of internet marketing experience.

Trust me, you’re going to LOVE IT!

And remember, it’s completely free to get started building your website and earning an income, with absolutely no ties whatsoever.

Do have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or affiliate marketing in general? Maybe you have some feedback for others about your own experiences? Whatever your situation, please feel free to leave your comments below and I will be delighted to help you out.

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